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Healthcare costs have skyrocketed over the past several years, and that only increased with the advent of the Affordable Care Act. Care is anything but affordable now. Some families are paying upwards of $1500-1800 per month for insurance plans with ridiculously high deductibles you have to meet before you can get coverage. When you become a member of our practice, you can not only get the highest quality care with accessibility and extended time with you doctor, you can actually save money while having peace of mind about your family’s health.

A membership with Covington Family Health and a high deductible health insurance plan or medical cost-sharing plan allows you to spend less, but get more. A high deductible insurance plan or medical cost-sharing plan allows you to maintain affordable insurance coverage for major medical problems while ensuring access to primary care for your routine medical needs. At Covington Family Health, we handle 90+% of your medical problems. We also refer to the same specialists you see now. We prescribe the same medications you are taking now. We order the same radiological procedures. Nothing changes except you get more affordable, accessible, comprehensive and personal care!

Still skeptical? Check our the cost comparison here for a typical family of four:


*Comparison made using a Zion Health DPC Member+Family plan, with an IUA of $1000.

So a typical family of four, using traditional insurance and a traditional doctor will pay around $15,000 each year in premiums for insurance that pays nothing until they pay an additional $5000. For each family member. And they will still wait weeks to see their doctor, or spend hundreds of dollars utilizing urgent care centers. With Covington Family Health and a health sharing plan, they could save over $10,000 or more every year.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Insurance companies count on you not adding up the costs. And they scare you into believing you’re at risk if you don’t choose to pay tens of thousands each year. If you still have questions, or don’t see a way for your family to see these savings, come in and talk with us, and let’s see what we can do, together.