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Member Benefits

There are a lot of good doctors to choose from – and most of them have anywhere from 2500-4000 patients in their practices. So they see 25-35 patients each day. Crowded waiting rooms. Rushed appointments. Waiting weeks to get in to see your doctor. Sound familiar? Because we’ve eliminated the insurance bureaucracy, we’ve also eliminated a lot of overhead that burdens other practices. We limit our practice to only a few hundred patients, giving us time, allowing you access, and providing value for our members.


When you are our patient, we have time for you: time to listen, time to ask questions and explain, time to think about problems, time to return phone calls promptly, time to relay test results personally, and time to be there for you and your family when you need us. Because we limit the number of patients in our practice, we are able to provide thoughtful, caring medical attention in a comfortable, private, and unhurried setting. You will have time and unprecedented access to me as I serve as your personal physician.


Perhaps the biggest difference you’ll find at our practice is that it focuses on a direct, personal relationship between you and your doctor. You will have unobstructed access to your doctor.¬† Seriously, you can reach your doctor by phone, secure text message, secure email, or secure video conference. We can discuss many medical concerns and questions without the need for a clinic visit, or we can see you in the office that day or the next day. We can also provide after hours guidance to help determine the need for urgent or emergent care. Our goal is to maximize your health while reducing your need for costly hospital or emergency care.


We strive to provide value and price transparency to our members. Your monthly membership fee includes all visits, whether in person, or virtual, all minor procedures performed in the office, all injectable medicines given in the office, as well as all regular labs we draw here in the office. This includes screening labs we would perform during your comprehensive annual physical (CBC, CMP, Hgb A1C, lipid panel, thyroid panel, and UA), and most labs the doctor might order in the treatment of an acute or chronic illness. There may be an unusual lab that the doctor feels would be helpful, or one that you specifically request, that may not be included in your membership fee. In the case we would let you know the price of that test in advance. We have negotiated low prices for labs, and we will pass those savings on to you – you pay what we pay. We don’t add an upcharge to our prices, as some practices do. We have also found the lowest prices for any imaging that you need to have done. These aren’t included in your membership fee, but paying for these, instead of filing them on insurance can save you thousands. Click here to find out more about you can save money with Covington Family Health.